Power Generation

Impreglon is now serving the Power Generation Industry with our unique surface engineered coatings that have been developed to withstand corrosion, wear and extremely high temperatures. These surface engineered coating properties are crucial when working with the demanding challenges of Industrial Gas Turbines. Call our experienced staff today to find out how we can help you solve your most complex issues.

Gas Turbines and Steam Power Generation

Steam power generation is a very demanding process on its rotating and stationary components. Impreglon Houston can help increase the life of these components by coating them with chrome carbide on blades, buckets and diaphragms. These HVOF applied chemistries are hard (65 Rc) and temperature resistant, max temp. 1400 F which is perfect for impeding high temperature erosion.

Induced draft fan blades used in steam power plants are subjected to extreme particle erosion. Impreglon Houston coats these parts with 70 + Rc tungsten carbide. These coatings have been found to be the most resistant material in erosion applications, thus greatly extending the life of I.D fan blades.

IGT components see extreme conditions such as oxidation, corrosion and thermal shock. The operating temperatures of these environments can be 1600 F continuous. Impreglon Houston applies a full line of TBC coatings to protect components such as baskets, inner and outer cones, etc. which will greatly increase the life of these parts.

Wind Turbines

One of the most significant problems with wind turbines is atmospheric corrosion. This becomes even more crucial when the wind turbine is placed in a saltwater environment. Thermal Spray coatings have become a better option than a traditional paint coating. Thermal Spray Zinc coatings from Impreglon Houston offers a much more durable finish while a paint coating can be very susceptible to damage. Using our coatings will greatly increase the life of your components even when used in the most challenging of environments.

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