Oil and Gas

At Impreglon we provide a specialzed expertise that is crucial in the protection of your critical wear problems. With a complete range of surface engineered coatings and the competitive edge we bring to the table, we can protect your equipment and keep your maintenance costs under budget.

Our oilfield surface engineered coatings have been designed to resist abrasion, corrosion and wear for the oil and gas exploration industry. Impreglon's engineered surface coatings provide the ultimate shield for your oil rigs vital parts, gate valves, well heads, cavity rotors, riser tensioner rods, actuator housings, fasteners, mechanical seals all coated with consistent results.

Partnering with Impreglon simply gives you more reliability that your parts are coated consistently each and every time. With our programable robot application process we can guarantee a consistent coating each and every time.

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